In the old days of four-color printing presses, most superhero costumes were chosen for their clear printing.  Superman and Spider-Man are red-and-blue for that reason, while their villains tend to be green and purple for contrast, but the same reasons.  Jean Grey’s Phoenix costume was designed by Dave Cockrum as white and gold, but became green to avoid bleeding through of the print on the other side.  Even today, with high-quality paper and computer printing, superhero costumes still tend to have two colors, leading to today’s primary colored query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) still loves the George Carlin suggestion of ‘Ultra-Violet and Fleshtone,” asking: You get two colors for your personal costume: What do you choose?


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  1. Black and Purple

    Odds are I’d be an evening vigilante and both of those colors do a pretty solid job of blending in with the shadows. They still stand out against one another in bright light which would allow for some pretty cool accents to help break up my costume.

  2. Royal Blue w/ neon yellow piping. Seems like a techy/gadgety theme; or maybe I’m just trying to envision a BAMF version of the Best Buy uniform…

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