One of my greatest regrets about the 2011 revamp of the DC Universe was the removal of the Justice Society of America and their vast history from the DC canvas.  Even the Earth-2 characters, who were explicitly designed to be updated versions of Alan Scott, Jay Garrick and company, didn’t fill that particular void, especially given their characterization of Jay as a 19-year-old whose sole focus seemed to be saving his mom’s life.  Don’t get me wrong, family as motivator is an okay trick (albeit one that DC editorial has really overplayed in recent decades) but I was quite excited for The Return of a “real” Jay Garrick in the pages of Flash this week, leading to today’s boomerang query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has Mr. Garrick back and now awaits more Legion Of Super-Heroes and Future Quest, asking: Which absent fictional character from anywhere in the multiverses do you most hope for The Return of?


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  1. Takuya Yamashiro, the Spider-Man of the Super Sentai granddaddy “Spider-Man” series from TOEI (because without Leopardon, there may not have been a Super Sentai franchise at all). I was quite excited to see him appear in Spider-Verse, and would love to see more comic stories of the alternate Spidey with a giant robot. Even as part of a multiversal team or an anthology style book would be better than nothing at all.

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