My daughter’s recent love of ‘Samurai Jack’ has come with a terrible price, Faithful Spoilerites: She has found the series just as they ramp up to the final episode.  Granted, we’ve got a lot of episodes yet to watch (we haven’t seen anything past Season 1 to my knowledge), but finding out that there’s an ending coming has made her ultra-dramatic about the whole thing.  For my part, as long as the ending is as good as it should be, I’m fine.  ‘Good Times’ ends with a wonderful last episode wrap-up which I still fondly remember, whereas the lack of a final episode is probably what makes ‘Gilligan’s Island’ work in eternal syndication, leading to today’s series finale query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) won’t even get started on the last episode of ‘St. Elsewhere’ which managed to not only ruin that show, but dozens of other TV shows and a large portion of the Internet, which DIDN’T EVEN EXIST YET, asking: What’s the best final episode/chapter in all of pop culture?


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    • That is exactly what i came to vote for. Plenty of shows have dropped the ball in the end but TNG nailed it. It jumps back to the first episode, it shows a possible future to give hints of what could come, and it has Q. My only other vote would go to Lost and that is highly divisive among fans. “All good things” for the win!

  1. While it wasn’t the last episode Deconstruction of Falling Stars was a perfect final episode for Babylon 5.

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