In a way, it’s kind of weird that it took until 1977 for Marvel Comics to debut the first Spider-Woman, nearly fifteen years after they launched the adventures of Spider-Man.  Fortunately, they’ve made up for it by debuting a new one every four years or so in the four decades since (including a noteworthy run in the 1990s where Mattie “Spider-Woman” Franklin actually had the power to have the powers of the previous carriers of the name, fighting a villain also called Spider-Woman.)  In the wake of Spider-Verse, there are actually several different versions, all with their own books, as Gwen Stacy, Jessica Drew and Cindy Moon are all doing their thing simultaneously and vying for the title of Spider-Woman Supreme, leading to today’s eight-legged query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has a soft spot for Sussa Paka, who has been both a Legion Of Super-Heroes member and villain in her time, even though she has only made a couple dozen appearances spread out over 50 years, asking: Which femme-arachnid reigns as Spider-Woman Supreme?


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  1. I’m gonna cop out and just go with Spider-Girl, May Parker.

    I know its an alternate Universe, but then again so is Spidey-Gwen & Silk, so there ya go.

  2. while there is a lot to say for Spider-Girl May Parker… it’s spider woman and therefore the right answer is Julia Carpenter…

  3. The best is obviously Jessica Drew, the original. She’s had way more appearances than any other Spider-Woman for a reason and unlike all the others can stand on her own merits without Spider-Man.

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