One of the hidden secrets of the MS-QOTD is just how often I forget until moments before the question goes live that we needed one. On Saturday is, that often means that I’m formulating the question while figuring out what’s for lunch, and also hungry.  Recently, in a fit of daring, I ordered enchiladas con mole, which was a chocolate-based sauce over some really well-executed chicken and corn tortillas.  Once upon a time, the idea of chocolate and chicken would have fallen under the header of weird food, too weird to try, but it was AMAZING, leading to today’s gastronomical query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced “say-vee-chay”) also once fell under the hipster spell of chocolate-dipped bacon, before I gave up both things, asking: What dish that you once would have thought of as “weird food” is now a favorite?


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  1. Spinach and feta on white sauce pizza. Just doesn’t sound that appetizing, and despite numerous requests to try it from friends and family over the years I kept putting it off, but it is now my go-to order from a couple of pizza places.

    And then there is Allsorts. I absolutely HATE black licorice, but… Despite black licorice being part of Allsorts, I love them almost as much as I love Jelly Babies. Doesn’t hurt that the licorice flavor isn’t too strong, but the flavor of the other candy parts alongside it makes for a pretty good flavor overall.

    • Malone_hasco on

      Ahh, black, salty, licorice, Finnish favorite. We got even our own word and type of of those, called “salmiakki”. Almost every foreign person hates them, lol.

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