If you watch network television, it’s traditionally the time of year where you breathlessly wonder if your favorite shows are going to get renewed.  It’s an unusually lucky year for me, as many of my fave-raves (Supergirl, Steven Universe, Doctor Who and new obsession Brockmire) have already been picked up for the new year, but fans of ‘Powerless’ may not be as lucky.  Of course, there are a few favorite comic books that I’m concerned about seeing more of: Future Quest’s first arc is wrapping up soon with no word on more, Secret Empire and Marvel Generations is making me worry that my favorite Marvel books aren’t going to survive, and even Batman isn’t making me feel confident about Justice League Of America’s long-term continuation.  In short, it’s still a nerve-wracking time for cancellations, leading to today’s on the bubble query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) at least thinks that we might get new Legion Of Super-Heroes and Fantastic Four sooner rather than later, asking: What favorite “on the bubble” show, comic or bit of pop culture nonsense has you most worried about its continuation?


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  1. Video games in general. I’m not expecting them to suddenly disappear or anything, but there have been a number of games I’ve looked forward to cancelled or put on hiatus and forgotten far into their development, or online games that were suddenly shut down or altered from their original mechanics into a clone of another game (thus essentially being shut down and relaunched as a new game with the same name and graphics).

    • Malone_hasco on

      This for me too. I have this sort of peculiar taste in video games, preferring what could be called niche Japanese games. I’m constantly worried if some things I look forward to ever get localized or if current installation is the last one in the series. I have no interest to hyped western style games like GTA or whatever multiplayer fps is popular at the time.

      • I’m at the point where I’ve stopped getting excited about localizations until they actually come out. Too many false starts with some franchise entries or games similar to one I really liked, only for the localization to be cancelled a short time before it was supposed to come out or never getting past the announcement stage in the first place and not even getting an official cancellation.

  2. Marvel Netflix franchise.

    I don’t see it ending anytime soon but with Iron Fist not being received well (admittedly pretty fairly, but there are still some bright spots), this could cause delays and potentially even cancellations for future seasons.

    I agree with the prior video game statements but on the flip side I’ve seen a rather large decline in quality video games as everything seems to be a remake or focused solely on multiplayer with a large decline in storytelling. I miss the days of Ubisoft pushing games like Beyond Good and Evil. Given the game didn’t launch well mostly due to a lack of publicity but it slowly became a bit of a cult hit. Fantastic and unique game. I wish we’d see more of that in cinema, TV and video games.

    • Malone_hasco on

      Big western studios focus mainly in multiplayer games and safe sequels now. It was pretty grim situation for a while if you didn’t go far and wide to find something different, at least on consoles. Luckily, Japan got their act together and they have started to put out great games for PS4. This spring alone I’ve gotten four new games and few more waiting just around the corner.

  3. Daniel Langsdale on

    There are fans of ‘Powerless?’ Never mind; rhetorical.

    I’m less upset with ‘Future Quest’s uncertain future as I am with ‘The Flintstones’ ending. But maybe its social satire is best ended on a high note before it gets stale?

    I’d love it, though, if the stellar creative team of Mark Russell & Steve Pugh could keep producing comics together, a la Brubaker and Phillips. That team would make my pull list pretty much no matter what the project.

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