Everybody has that favorite show or comic that they hope desperately will return to prominence and glory.  If you’re Jimmy Fallon, you have the pull to assemble your fave-raves as adults for a ‘Saved By The Bell’ reunion, but not all of us are Jimmy Fallon.  And one some level, you know that reassembling the cast of ‘Firefly’ a decade-plus later will never be quite the same.  But then, I remember ‘Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan’, which is on a par with some of the best original series episodes, and return to secretly hoping that someone at the BBC will reach out and make Christopher Eccleston an offer he can’t refuse, leading to today’s rose-colored query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) keeps wishing for Wolfman/Perez to reunite and return to their Teen Titans, no matter how that has gone in the past, asking: What reunion (of characters, actors, creators or what-have-you) are you most longing to see?


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  1. Malone_hasco on

    I wish there would be proper Byrne/Claremont era X-Men team and book again. No gimmicks, no “alternate reality” no timeline changes, no retcons. Just good stories with those characters.

  2. Most of my dream reunions are probably never going to happen, like the surviving original Power Rangers reuniting for a special (if they didn’t show up for the Legendary Battle, chances are they won’t for a similar short team-up).

    But I’d be thrilled if Will Friedle and Kevin Conroy reunited to voice Terry and Bruce for a new full-length “Batman Beyond” movie. It wouldn’t even have to be a continuation of the TV series like some of the other animated movies they released lately where they brought in the DCAU voice actors, but the movies weren’t set in the DCAU.

  3. I long to see the GREATEST podcast trio back together when we hear Stephen, Bryan and Rodrigo back together. Things have never been the same since that new kid Matty got involved.

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