After traveling in time, enrolling in college, saving planet Maltixia and losing her girlfriend, America Chavez has had an eventful first issue.  Where to go from here?  Your Major Spoilers review of America #2 awaits!

America #2AMERICA #2

Writer: Gabby Rivera
Penciler: Joe Quinones with Ming Doyle
Inker: Joe Rivera and Ming Doyle
Colorist: Jose Villarrubia
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Editor: Wil Moss
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in America: America went back in time to finish a history assignment and ended up punching Hitler right in his stupid face.  A+.


Things quickly get out of hand in WWII, as America’s actions quickly gain the attention of the American forces (and Captain America) who were preparing to engage Hitler until she punched him in the labonza. She is confronted by Peggy Carter, who asks her what she accomplished with her actions before launching into a philosophical debate about how to best combat Nazis.  It’s a remarkably (and sadly) relevant discussion, made even more so by the revelation that someone warned Peggy that America would be arriving in her timestream.  Returning home, Miss Chavez has a slight emotional breakdown over her recent breakup, but throws herself into her schoolwork with her new friend X’andria.  The teacher is Lunella LaFayette, Moon Girl, and the assignment is finding personal greatness.  That is interrupted by cyborg fratboys, a group of alien girls who want to be America and are willing to take her down if they can’t and the kidnapping of her ex-girlfriend by said alien girls, leading to our cliffhanger…


So, here’s the thing about comics aimed at hip young people: I’m not always the best at telling whether or not they’re accurate or embarrassing, as I’m a 46-year-old white cis male.  I do know that I like this issue a lot and found the questions that it raises to be both valid and impressive, and like the balance of action to discussion to philosophy in these pages.  America is a character who has had a remarkably varied career in her time, and this book keeps all of that in play, including her current leadership role in The Ultimates, while reminding us that she’s a young woman dealing with the things that young people have to deal with.  Joe Quinones & Ming Doyle’s art styles are both excellent and compatible enough that it’s hard to discern who did what, which is lovely, and Gabby Rivera’s dialogue is strong and charismatic.  If there’s any complaint about this issue it’s that SO MUCH happens that it’s a bit hard to keep up, but it’s well worth the effort to do so.


Long story short, America #2 is a solid, entertaining comic book issue with some great guest-stars, action, adventure, romance and philosophy, earning a well-deserved 4 out of 5 stars overall.  Much like the recent first issues of The Wasp’s solo book, it uses established characters like Moon Girl and Agent Carter to great effect, knitting together a Marvel Universe of excellent under-represented characters, a much-appreciated effect.  If any young friends want to touch base with me about whether the youth culture in these pages is on-base, you can find me @MightyKingCobra on the Twitter.  I’m honestly curious, given the response to The Champions, whether the demographic being represented feels like this one feels genuine…


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