Major Spoilers Editor-In-Chief Stephen and I have been friends for a very long time, and will often have our friendly sparring matches on social media.  So, when he made what was obviously a joke about a possible Ten Things topic, I immediately got to work…

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Whooshman-Bicarbonate Films, in conjunction with ‘An Amateur Comics Historian’ and Alexander Graham Cracker Crust, Presents:



The original Dial H For Hero hero, Robby discovered his mysterious power object in a cave under his home town.  Granted the ability to transform into various super-powered forms, Robby fought an unusual amount of crime for such a small town.  He also transformed into Plastic Man, an actual hero in his universe, which was a big clue as to the H-Dial’s true nature: It actually borrowed the powers of heroes throughout the multiverse, leaving them without their abilities while Robby utilized them.  (Later volumes of Dial H followed this to its logical conclusion, with commensurate casualties.)

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  1. Honorable Mention: The Ringer.

    Years before Lady Beyonce implored the rest of the world, former NASA engineer turned criminal Anthony Davis decided to put a ring on it. Jealous of Kyle (Nightwing) Richmond, Davis created a suit of armor utilizing weaponized rings, and tried to rob Richmond but failed, losing several teeth in the process. After serving time, and having his teeth repaired, he was forcibly recruited by the Beetle who sent Davis after Spider-Man. He failed again and Spidey even re-broke his teeth.

    The Ringer was one of Scourge’s victims in the Bar With No Name, although he was secretly resurrected as a cyborg by AIM, and his wife later Leila took on the Ringer identity to seek revenge on Beetle on Spider-Man, as one of Spidey’s Lethal Foes.

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