Major Spoilers Question of the Day: Bonus Content Edition


Recently, I have been playing Diablo III with my family (blowing things up in tandem really helps to foster communication in the household, plus: Explosions!), and we have found a number of funny bits and side-quests to keep us all interested, even the thirteen-year-old who communicates in eye-rolls.  That includes the discovery of a hidden level, only accessible by acquiring three random artifacts and building a stupidly underpowered weapon that you then have to carry during one of the earliest levels of the game…  It’s a long way to go for bonus content, is what I’m saying.  But, using our usual array of sorcerous spells and zappy kablammakus against smiling daisies, teddy bears and purple unicorns was worth the price of admission, leading to today’s DLC query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) found it cute that the process of finding this hidden level insists that “There is no cow level!”, referencing a previous Diablo’s hidden content, asking: What’s your favorite bonus content (hidden levels, characters, cheats or what-have-you) in your favorite video games?