Of all the characters who were suddenly popular for a minute in the 1990s, Taskmaster is my absolute least favorite.  From his powers (“anything you can do, I can do better”) to his real name (Tony Masters, The Taskmaster?  Oy.) to his stupid skull-face mask…  Actually, that’s not bad.  In fact, the original George Perez design is one that I like, and emblemizes the problem of ‘Good Design, Bad Character’ in a nutshell, leading us to today’s well-dressed-but-really-dumb query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) also wonders about the inverse, especially given the new movie Flash costume, asking: What’s the best example in your mind of the phenomenon of ‘Good Design, Bad Character’?


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  1. Electric Superman. I really love the costume design, I just hate the actual character.

    Similarly, the Azrael Batman armor costume is pretty awesome (as is the Azrael armor costume), but I really cannot stand Jean-Paul Valley in any form.

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