In this episode of The Legion Clubhouse, we look at Adventure Comics #293, and Action Comics #287. What do you do when the Legion is taken down by brains in jars? What’s a Whizzy?

In the city of Metropolis, in the 30th Century, there exists one of the most amazing clubs of all time! It’s members are teen-aged youths, each possessing on special super-powers! The club members have vowed to use their fantastic power to battle crime… This rocket shaped building is the Legion Clubhouse!

Adventure Comics #293
The Legion of Super-Traitors!
March 1962
w: Jerry Siegel
a: Curt Swan
After a day of work at Pa Kent’s store, Clark is called into action as Superboy, however when attempting to save an air craft from crashing, Superboy suddenly leaves it to crash, forcing Krypto to come to the rescue. Afterward, Superboy suddenly snaps again and is about to throw Krypto into space along the path of a Kryptonite meteor, however he snaps out of it again.

Before Superboy can learn the source of his uncharacteristic behavior, he receives a call from the Legion of Super-Heroes. Going to the designated meeting place, Superboy meets with Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Lightning Lad who have come to Earth to get Superboy’s aid updating their records of which Kryptonian criminals had been banished to the Phantom Zone before Krypton’s destruction. As Superboy is showing the Legion, Mon-El suddenly appears and warns Superboy that the Legion plans on betraying him and freeing the Phantom Zone criminals. The Legion members then suddenly blast Superboy with special Kryptonite rings that incapacitate the boy of Steel. It’s revealed that the Legion are under the control of the Brain Globes of Rambat, who seek to conquer the Earth, but saw Superboy as their only obstacle.

With Superboy defeated, and not considering the Legion members as a threat, the Brain Globes free the Legion and prepare for their conquest. Realizing that the globes had no effect on Krypto prompt the Legion to travel through time and collect Comet the Super-horse, Streaky the Super-cat, and Beppo the Super-monkey to form the Legion of Super-Pets. With the aid of the Super-Pets, the Legion of Super-Heroes are able to defeat the Brain Globes and force them to abandon their goals of conquest. With the globes defeated, the Super-Pets return to their respective eras and Saturn Girl revives Superboy and informs him that she cannot tell him how they defeated the Brain Globes. She then sends Superboy to destroy the device the Brain Globes intended to use to move the Earth. Afterward, Superboy returns home to inform his family what came over him that day and his plan to clear things up with the authorities as well.via DC Wikia

Action Comics #287
Supergirl’s Greatest Challenge
April 1962
w: Jerry Siegel
a: Jim Mooney
After spending time at her friend Margie’s house where her Superman fan-club has Lois Lane over as a guest visitor, Supergirl (as Linda Lee Danvers) returns home. There she is told by Fred Danvers that the sheriff is about to blow up the tree stump which hides the secret exit to their home which Supergirl uses to leave unseen. Supergirl rushes off to prevent the entrance from being seen. Returning home once more she gets a signal from the Legion of Super-Heroes to visit them in the 30th Century.

At first she wonders why the Legion called her because they all appear to be busy doing other things, however she strangely finds them at the Legion’s headquarters. The Legion quickly have her board their ship to go out into space to stop the Positive Man. Supergirl succeeds in doing so by attracting a negative creature from space to cause the two to explode.

Returning to Earth, the Legion members find that their super-powers no longer work, and in order to avoid a crime spree, Supergirl with the help of Whizzy (the future descendant of her super-cat Streaky) help make it appear as though the Legion still has their super-powers by helping them out behind the scenes.

However, this is all a trick, and the “Legion” members are really members of the Chameleon men, alien shape changers who are posing as the Legion. With Supergirl’s guard down, they use a Phantom Zone projector to shunt both Supergirl and Whizzy into the Phantom Zone. Using Whizzy’s telepathic abilities, they gain the aid of the owner of an android factory they had saved earlier to send in an android resembling the Chameleon Men to enter the Legion base and free Supergirl and Whizzy.

Supergirl then quickly defeats the Chameleon Men, trapping them in a transparent dome, and freeing the other Legion members. After she says goodbye to the Legion and Whizzy and returns to her own time and relates to the story to Streaky.via DC Wikia

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