When I was a young warthog, I was always fascinated by the variety of bottles in my parents’ liquor cabinet. Well, it wasn’t so much a liquor cabinet as it was a big cardboard box that had “Keep out young’uns!” scrawled across the side.  There were big bottles, little bottles, bottles shaped like cars, bottles shaped like naked ladies, some shaped like bottles, and all were filled with colored fluids that more or less made your head woozy just from sniffing the contents inside.

While I haven’t graduated to my parents level of alcohol consumption, I’ve always wanted a cool bottle filled with with something to amaze my friends. Yes, I could get some tequila in a bottle shaped like a skull, but to really impress my friends I need a tequila bottle shaped like a luchador’s head. Not just any luchador either, a low polygon modeled head of a luchador.

This new line of Mucha Liga Tequila is filled with a different type of tequila, with a different colored mask to match the flavor.

This is Tequila in its purest form, unaged and clear, the true flavor from Blue Agave, sensitive silver, natural, fresh, light and attractive. A trendy smoothness to be enjoyed neat.

Bravo Mucha Ligua Tequila

Rested in white oak barrels, our reposado is unlike any tequila with a great balance among the immediate presence of caramel and the gentle flavours of blue agave. An untamed expression of tequila.

Canibal Mucha Liga Tequia

Matured from the fields, our agave then processed as tequila will be patient to rest in barrels to become a robust, smooth and bold Añejo. A seductive and experienced expression of our familia.

Invicto Mucha Liqa Tequila

The only problem with buying these and displaying them on the Shelf of Drunkeness is my friends will no doubt want to stage a match with the heads, thus shattering the containers and spilling the tequila all over the cat. And no one likes a tequila smelling cat that wants to rub up against you all night.

via Mucha Ligua


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