At some point in Legion of Super-Heroes history, it was decide that Cosmic Boy’s magnetic power made a noise when they were engaged.  That in itself is okay, as Cyclops eye beams used to go “ZARK!” and Nightcrawler’s dimensional exits are known go “BAMF!, both of which are a little goofy.  But somehow nobody noticed that the noise chosen (“SPROING!!!!”) is uncomfortably reminiscent of Wayne and Garth’s “SCHWIIING!”, which makes the use of the sound effects laughable every time.  Of course, the fact that Cos is generally serious-minded and leader-y makes it even worse, leading to today’s onomatopoeiac query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is in the minority to be on the fence about “SNIKT”, which sounds a bit like a drunken snake to me, asking: Which noises do you consider the goofiest recurring sound effects in comics?


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  1. As someone who doesn’t hear the same as people with at least adequate hearing, I find most uncommon sound effect choices to be really frustrating. Many sound effect phrases get the point across, but sometimes you see something like “bloooshmite” or “squibbdledoodeeboop” (not those exactly, but things along those lines) and I’m at a total loss to what the heck I’m supposed to be imagining. “Bamf” I can imagine, “Snikt” I can imagine, but what in the nine levels of the underworld is “Btyanng” (used in a Loki/Thor fight) or how does Cap’s shield make the sound “Wank” when hitting something (which for some reason I always imagine is the shield temporarily gaining sentience and actually saying the word aloud along the lines of someone saying “Yoink” when they take something from someone)?

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