Otter Disaster once told me that ‘How I Met Your Mother’, which I still watch on a regular basis, is like Friends if Ross was the main character.  But, much like Ted Mosby, the show’s unreliable narrator and central figure, I refuse to give up on the show just because its original run has ended or because no one else gets the point of it.  Heck, I’ve been watching the same 156 episodes of ‘The Twilight Zone’ since 1982, I’m not gonna give up on Swarley, the Fiero and Slap Bets just because others have moved on to greener pastures, which leads us to today’s rerun query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) remembers the parable of The Slutty Pumpkin, who returned after six years to prove whe wasn’t worth the wait anyway, which kind of undermines the point now that I think of it, asking: Which of your favorite things do you refuse to give up on, even if others think you should?


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  1. Power Rangers.

    I’m far past the age range of the target audience, and although I do enjoy Super Sentai more than Power Rangers, there is still something about it that keeps me coming back. I know that a small part of it is hope that the show can return to the more complex storytelling seen during much of Disney’s run on the show, and another part is just curiosity to how they will utilize the source material.

    But there have been little bits that made it feel worth it, such as the cameos in “The Legendary Battle” from “Super Megaforce” of past Rangers, including Tommy as the MMPR Green Ranger once again. Even before that there were episodes like “Forever Red” and “Once a Ranger” bringing past Rangers back, and seasons like “Dino Thunder” and “Samurai” that brought back old characters (for those who don’t know, Bulk was part of the cast of “Samurai” and “Super Samurai”, and even Skull showed up for a cameo in the finale). And of course there is the current MMPR comic that re-imagines the original series, and the upcoming movie doing the same.

    I don’t know, I feel like I should have left it behind long, long ago, and there are far better superhero series to watch, but I just cannot seem to give up on it quite yet.

  2. Malone_hasco on

    I don’t know if anyone think I should let go of my geeky things. Never asked and nobody has ever said I should. Probably toys & action figures, if I had to guess one.

    • My dad’s side of the family used to make fun of me for being an adult who collects figures. The funny thing is, most of them collect NASCAR toy car replicas, so I never could figure out what they thought was so different (though they insist there IS a difference, they just cannot tell me what it is).

      • Malone_hasco on

        Not sure what my dad thinks, he’s seen some I put on display when visiting my place but never showed any interest to them. Pretty sure he just accepts he doesn’t understand. My mom’s side has actually encouraged my hobbies by complimenting them as cool.

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