Something that many casual fans may forget is that, during the original run of Star Trek in the 60s, James T. Kirk had more than one uniform.  (I’m not counting the uniform variations in the two pilots, where everyone’s look is still experiencing Early Installment Weirdness, mind you.)  During several missions, including the landmark Tribble incident on Deep Space Station K-7, he wore a more casual green sweatery uniform top, one which appeared with some variations throughout the show.  One version of this Kirk costume had gold braiding on the shoulders and really made the Captain stand out among the crew, leading to today’s non-uniform uniform query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is once again torn, finding the Captain having his own individual look to be a good idea, but really loves the gold velour, asking: Which Kirk Costume Color do you prefer: Command gold or casual green?


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  1. I prefer the gold Starfleet uniform rather than the alternate “casual” green shirt. The gold uniform looks more, well, uniform. The green one looks more like a pajama top than a uniform, and I always imagined this was something Kirk was wearing when he was called to the bridge for an emergency and didn’t have time to change.

    On the flip side, I actually prefer Picard’s alternate uniform (the red/black open uniform jacket over a blue/black shirt) over the main uniform.

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