Elena Salcedo has been promoted to Vice President of Operations for Top Cow Productions. Elena will be handling the day-to-day operations and overseeing monthly comic book publishing.

She started volunteering with Top Cow in the summer of 2006 before becoming an assistant in 2007. She was promoted to Director of Operations in 2010. As a Vice President, Elena will report directly to Top Cow President Matt Hawkins and be an advisory to the company’s Board of Directors.

“I’d be lost without Elena to help manage our schedule and oversee a lot of the day to day operations of the company. I’ve watched her grow as a manager and executive and am proud to give her this much-deserved promotion in the company,” says Top Cow President Matt Hawkins. “I’m looking forward to my eventual retirement so she can take over for me.”

“Elena has gone above and beyond during the course of her seven years. She is one of the true unsung heroes of Top Cow,” says CEO and Top Cow Founder Marc Silvestri. “We are very lucky and very thankful to have her.”

via Top Cow


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