Yesterday, I had to get up super-early and report for a test at the hospital.  For 12 hours before, I had to avoid everything with caffeine, including chocolate, the tea that I drink most of the time since I gave up soda and my morning Monster Rehab and couldn’t even have my morning bagel.  Still, if I had to choose what would be the hardest to give up for me, it would be my love of trashy quarter bin comic books.  I’d find a way to live without television, I think, and I often dream of what things would be like if social media just up and disappeared, so I think I’m good there, leading us to today’s abstinent query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would miss the hell out of Melissa Benoist as Supergirl, though, asking: Which of your pop-culture obsessions would you find the hardest to give up?


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  1. If we are not counting potato chips, its probably games. I’ve always had some sort of game around, if not anything else, then just talking or speculating about them. Video, board, role or sport, doesn’t matter. Just gotta have some game to think about.

  2. I hate those tests, though mine are never no caffeine for 12 hours, it is absolutely nothing (not even water) for 12+ hours before the test or procedure or whatever (Get a lot of things done on a regular basis with my health history and the various specialists I have to visit). Pain in the backside even after being used to it for over 30 years.

    I’m going to have to categorize here.

    In a general sense, I’d find fantasy (as in magic, swords, elves and so on) to be hardest to give up. So many of my favorite books, games, movies and other things are within the fantasy genre that giving it up would be excruciating.

    For a specific franchise, Star Wars. It is the one franchise I’ve loved my whole life with no lull, and I’ve enjoyed so many aspects of the franchise from various mediums that giving it up would be near impossible.

    In terms of medium of pop-culture consumption, physical books (including novels and comics alike). More than watching TV or movies, more than gaming, I absolutely LOVE to read, and a printed book is as much a part of the enjoyment for me as the story within the book. That isn’t to say that I can’t or won’t use or read e-books, online articles or short stories or things of that nature, but I do get more enjoyment in holding a physical copy with paper pages in different sizes and all that than I do holding a tablet or reading from my computer screen. I could live happily without TV, gaming devices or internet if I had an endless supply of books to read, but the reverse would be very, very difficult.

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