This weekend’s Retro Review featured the art of J. Scott Campbell, an artist with whom I have a love/hate relationship.  On the one hand, his women are ridiculously proportioned with big rubbery heads and eyes the size of dinner plates, but on the other his pinups tend to be weirdly attractive.  (His storytelling layouts are another story, but there’s no sense in being mean.)  The art of Wildsiderz hit a sweet spot, though, thanks in part to the coloring and computer effects, leading us to today’s Eberhard Faber #2 query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would like to introduce you young folk to a man named Mac Raboy, asking: Which artist creates the most attractive art to your eye?


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  1. Joseph Michael Linsner’s art always caught my eye. When he made a female character, they were still in the disproportionate category, but at the same time felt a little closer to realistic builds (particularly when he didn’t make a super-thin belly area to go with wider hips). I actually used to tell my late ex that she looked like she stepped right out of one of his works (which was pretty accurate), which she thought was probably the highest compliment I could give because she knew I found his work to be fantastic.

  2. Its impossible to name just one but I’ve always liked John Byrne. That said, I have not seen any of his work after like ´94. Also, I’d be lying if I said that Manara doesn’t draw attractive women. Not suited for everything but they are great for what they are. Some mangas have gorgeous art too, like Blade of the Immortal which was featured in MSP little while ago, drawn by Hiroaki Samura. Mignola’s Hellboy deserves a mention too. Its so unique looking and strong contrasts he uses please me.

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