As a comic-book reader, I must contractually mention the most popular X-Man 2 times per year, or else I lose my card and blazer from the League Of Nerdery.  As such, I have been thinking about the strange dichotomy of James Howlett’s uniform.  In his original appearances, the character was shown as a consummate hunter in the Canadian wilderness who inexplicably wore a bright yellow uniform.  Later appearances gave him the two-tone brown costume in which he became famous, a suit which says “actual wolverine” rather than “Michigan Wolverines! RAH! RAH! RAH!”  Given the 40-plus year history of the character, fans of different time periods may have different ideas as to whether Wolverine Brown or Wolverine Yellow is better and/or the “real” Wolverine, leading to today’s feral query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would like to point out that “leather jacket and bare chest” is not, and probably never should be an option, asking: Wolverine Brown or Wolverine Yellow?


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  1. Of the two, I like the one with brown most as it just feels more “wild” and stands out from the more oft seen costumes filled with primary colors.

    Though my favorite Wolvie costume overall is his initial “X-Men: Evolution” costume, reminiscent of the brown costume but with a light brown/orange and black combo of colors instead of the brighter combo of brown and yellow/gold tones.

  2. I believe that he should stick with the yellow costume because it is the more original of his looks.
    Personally I prefer the brown costume, largely because it reminds me of one of my favorite Legionairres Timberwolf of whom Logan is a large knockoff. More successful commercially I admit, but still a cheap knockoff.

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