This morning, I awoke with a craving for a mocha from my favorite Panera restaurant.  Sadly, they have changed the recipe in the mocha mix and the ones that you can get now are nothing like what I wanted.  Like my favorite cupcakes from the bakery that closed, you just can’t get them anymore…  I settled for a terrible coffee from the local convenience store, but it at least gave rise to this morning’s disappointed query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) still misses comics on traditional newsprint, too, asking: What old favorites make you most sad you can’t get them anymore?


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  1. Daniel Langsdale on

    Whole Foods used to offer a lemonade that was fruit juice sweetened (with grape juice) instead of using processed sugar, corn syrup or artificial sweeteners.

    On the pop-culture side, I’m sad that I can’t easily get Blake’s 7 legally here in the U.S. — I used to enjoy that when the local PBS paired it up with Doctor Who on a Saturday night.

  2. Finnish edition of the Phantom. Pretty much every super hero comic book has folded, Only Spider-Man remains but that one feels the biggest loss. The fact that everyone knows English combined with web stores and general decline of the popularity of action comic books killed monthly translated comics.

  3. Sierra Mist. The product is still available, but they changed the recipe a few years back and it is no longer what it used to be. Even worse, I can’t even drink the new version because it causes me to become very ill. I am fairly certain it is the sugar they use, as several other products (such as an instant cappuccino mix I used to like) changed to a similar sugar that my stomach cannot seem to process, something that usually only happens to me with artificial sweeteners.

    There are similarly a large number of various candies, soft drinks, sweetened juices and other products I can no longer enjoy because they switched to fake sugars or sugars I can’t eat.

    As for actually discontinued things, I miss the restaurant Chi-Chi’s. Granted, it had already closed in my area years before the Hepatitis tainted food scandal that helped lead to the chain’s closing in the US and Canada, but I enjoyed the place quite a bit in my teens in the 90’s.

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