This morning, a Faceyspace acquaintance reminded me that it has been five years since the death of Monkees singer and percussion virtuoso Davy Jones.  It’s a giant cliché, but I just can’t believe he’s gone; we were just watching his 22-year-old self foil an alien invasion!  With 2016 having taken far too many inspiring figures  and many of my favorite public figures now over the age of 60, with trepidation and fingers crossed, we caitiously address today’s posthumous query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) took the loss of George Carlin very hard as well, asking: Which of your lost heroes of pop culture most make you think “I can’t believe they’re gone?”


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  1. Carrie Fisher, Robin Williams, Leonard Nimoy and Elisabeth Sladen. I’ll find myself watching something of theirs and smiling or laughing or just enjoying myself, then I get this broken feeling when I remember they are no longer with us.

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