With the official news that Peter Capaldi will be leaving Doctor Who after the upcoming Series 10, it falls upon us, the fans, to begin the furious speculation about who should replace our cool stepdad as last Time Lord?  Should he be younger?  Shorter?  Non-British?  Non-Caucasian?  Should he be a she?  The possibilities right now are bright, hopeful and endless, so we better get in before BBC picks their inevitably-disappointing-on-some-level next Doctor, leading to today’s regenerative query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) can be counted in the Hayley Atwell camp, asking: Who should be The Next Doctor?


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  1. I don’t really know many actors or follow them but I always like to see someone I’ve never seen before in a prominent role. I have no idea who should be the Doctor, but I hope its someone I’ve never heard of.

  2. Daniel Langsdale on

    I think Rupert Grint could be fun in the role. He’d finally be a “ginger.”

    If you want to keep it a somewhat older doctor, then how about Sean Bean? Sure, he dies in just about every role, but that’s what the Doctor is made for!

  3. Me. I’ve had almost 40 years experience attempting to pretend to be a normal person (key word is “attempting”), I think I could pretend to be a centuries old alien time traveler fairly well.

    But I think I would rather see someone unexpected. Rather than naming any actors, I want to see a Doctor that might not be a white male, and that includes a possible female incarnation.

    Though I will add that I wouldn’t be opposed to Rupert Grint just because I think he could make for an interesting Doctor.

  4. There was a time when I really cared about Doctor Who, but something about the Steven Moffet years has really turned me off of the show. That taken with basically 18 months without a normal season I’m just at the point of apathy.

    I know many people want a Woman to play Doctor Who and there was a time where I was against it because it felt of a bit to ‘comic book’ for lack of a better term. But at this point they can cast a head of lettuce. Its unlikely to bring me back to the show, good luck to them no matter who is the next Doctor man, or woman or lettuce someone is going to be unhappy.

    I honestly feel its putting the show in a bit of a lurch for Capaldi to step out now but that is his choice, and just because its not a good time to do something doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a right to step away from the show when he chooses. And of course he could be being forces out we really don’t know. But seems to me when the show really needs to bounce back this is much unneeded uncertainty that could drive away viewers because the “wrong” choose was made.

  5. Don’t need another grumpy one that’s for sure. Need some one a bit more suave / roguish / classy. Time for a cool Doctor not a clown Doctor.

  6. Idris Elba. He could be the gunslinger and the doctor at the same time. Or maybe he better just stay as Roland I’d like to see that more.

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