Adapted (loosely) from Swiss Family Robinson, and unrelated to the TV show ‘Lost In Space,’ (which also featured a family named Robinson shipwrecked in the cosmos, and may or may not have been inspired by this comic) this Gold Key comic debuted in 1962.  Sporadically published for the next 20 years or so, the series told the story of Craig and June Robinson and their children Tim and Tam, trying to make their way home after a mysterious cosmic storm shipwrecked them somewhere in the galaxy.  Aside from some lovely Dan Spiegle art, I honestly don’t remember much about the issues of this book I’ve read, though I’m sure I read a dozen or so of them throughout my life…

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  1. Jerry Parshall on

    What, no “Sands of Blood”!? I have ruined many people’s weekends (as in, they couldn’t put the book down and got nothing accomplished) by giving them a copy of “The Cowboy Wally Show.”

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