When his company, All-American Comics, merged with Detective Comics (one of the complexities of early DC is the fact that the characters we now know as the cornerstone of the DCU actually came from two different companies), Max Gaines kept the rights to this book, which retold stories from the Good Book in illustrated form, intending it to be a cornerstone of his new publishing venture, Educational Comics.  Max tragically passed away in an accident in 1947, leaving the company to his son bill, who rebranded EC Comics as the home for science fiction, crime and horror comics, a genre which they redefined through ‘Tales From The Crypt’, ‘Vault Of Horror’ and ‘Crypt Of Terror.’

It’s always fun to see the look on people’s faces when discussing ‘Pictures Stories From the Bible’ and ‘Tales From The Crypt’ in the same sentence…

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  1. Jerry Parshall on

    What, no “Sands of Blood”!? I have ruined many people’s weekends (as in, they couldn’t put the book down and got nothing accomplished) by giving them a copy of “The Cowboy Wally Show.”

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