After the Crisis On Infinite Earths, the loss of Earth-2 and subsequent rewriting of history meant that Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman were never active during World War II.  As such, Roy Thomas decided to create new characters to embody the spirits of those heroes in the All-Star Squadron and fill in the holes in DC continuity.  Their Superman analogue was a young man named Arn Munro, who gained his powers by birth as the son of Hugo Danner, the main character of Philip Wylie’s novel, ‘Gladiator.’  Since that novel was a metaphorical forebear of Superman, it made perfect sense and symmetry to have Danner be the literal forebear of Superman’s spiritual stand-in.

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  1. Jerry Parshall on

    What, no “Sands of Blood”!? I have ruined many people’s weekends (as in, they couldn’t put the book down and got nothing accomplished) by giving them a copy of “The Cowboy Wally Show.”

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