There have been several Ghost Riders to roar down the highway of comics, including at least one white-clad cowboy and the current guy who whose ride is a classic muscle car.  My fave-rave will always be Johnny Blaze, due in part to his days with The Champions and partly to the issue where he raced capital-D Death for no reason other than it seemed like a good idea at the time.  (Never a deep thinker, our Johnny.  Remember: His origin involved selling his soul with enough semantic wiggle room to allow the wish to be immediately negated.)  Still, when it comes to legacy characters, everybody has their own golden boy and/or skull, leading to today’s infernal query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has to admit that Robbie Reyes, in his black Dodge Charger, is a pretty amazing visual, even if it doesn’t have the old-school motorcycle action, asking: Which of the Ghost Riders is quantitatively the best Ghost Rider?


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  1. Johnny Blaze. I’ve followed all the others, from Danny to Alejandra, from the Spirit in Guardians of the Galaxy to the Goose Rider in the back of Marvel Tails, from Robbie to Zero Cochrane in 2099, and no one comes close to Blaze.

  2. I can’t say “the best”, but my personal favorite is still Johnny Blaze simply because he was the Ghost Rider I grew up reading and have the most exposure to. Nothing against the others, I just haven’t seen much of most of them.

  3. I have only very general awareness of Zero Cochrane, but given the shape of the 2099 at the time I doubt he would impress me. Danny Ketch was essentially never well written, nor a compelling character or even concept. I hardly know any of the others. So it is Johnny Blaze all the way for me.

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