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Warning: Pregnant women, the elderly, and children under 10 should avoid prolonged exposure to the Robot Overlord. Robot Overlord may suddenly accelerate to dangerous speeds. The Robot Overlord contains a liquid core, which if exposed due to rupture, should not be touched, inhaled, or looked at. If Robot Overlord begins to smoke, get away immediately. Seek shelter and cover head. Do not taunt the Robot Overlord.


  1. Gotta give it to the scarily masked friend with telekinesis. The fireman would be used to handling a high pressure hose, but redirecting poorly aimed acid should be no problem for someone that can kill a yak from 200 yards away, with mind bullets.

  2. Clearly the telekinetic wins. Sure the fireman can look away from the mask while aiming his nose, by my best friend can always put up a telekinetic wall to block, or even redirect the nose into this evil fireman’s face.

  3. Gotta give it to fireman. My best buddy is a philosophy major in university. He’d probably be discussing if fighting is even necessary when fireman was already spraying full force, lol.

  4. Going with my best friend because she’s freakin’ scary enough (not in looks, though, cause she’s one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen). I mean, this is a woman who had the cops called on her by the guy who attempted to assault her in a dark parking lot because he feared for his life. He was armed, she wasn’t. If she had telekinesis on top of all her other skills, she would be even more formidable.

    Any of my other friends or myself, I’d have to go with the acid-spewing fireman.

  5. Where the vagueness of last week’s poll lead to the wanderings of imagination, the bold specificity of this week’s question leaves little room for alternate interpretation… or does it? Of course, the first image when reading the question is a horribly disfigured individual in heavy yellow firefighting equipment wielding his acid spewing proboscis while trying to look away from your best friend, a Professor X level telekinetic wearing a magically enhanced mask that makes even the boldest want to run home and hide under the covers until summer comes. However, let us once again take another tack. Let us imagine that our fireman is a retired military man, recently returned home and looking to find his place in the world. He was stationed in Africa during his last tour where he encountered a tribe of native people so removed from civilization that when they saw him they proclaimed him as a god and bestowed upon him the ancient symbol of their religion, a mummified trunk harvested from an African elephant, attached to a bladder of caustic acid. Upon returning home, our young hero keeps the trunk with him for good luck, taking it by his new place of employment at the firehouse to show off to his buddies there. Austin, my best friend, has developed the ability to use his mind to manipulate matter, but only a little bit. He is honing his new-found abilities as an entertainer, working children’s parties. His company is hired to work Maddy & Minnie Grawlshank’s 2nd birthday where he is supposed to dress as Tauron the Terrible and use his telekinetic power to blow out the candles on their birthday cake before they can make their wish. Everything is going as planned, but he did not anticipate how terrifying the mask he had created for the role of Tauron would be. When he makes his appearance during the singing of “Happy Birthday”, all the kids scatter, knocking tables and presents everywhere. The still lit cake lands on an unwrapped “organic-fiber” Teddy Bear. The bear bursts into flame, catching several of the nearby packages on fire as well. Austin, still dressed as Tauron, attempts to use his telekinetic powers to quench the rising flames, but only manages to fan the flames higher. The twins have been forgotten in the chaos, and smoke begins to fill the air. Austin grabs Maddy and heads for the exit as our veteran arrives in full fire gear, his lucky trunk attached to his belt. The fireman dashes into the flaming home, hauling Minnie out of the choking fumes just in time. He turns and sees Austin in full Tauron garb. So startled by his appearance, he grabs for the closest object to defend himself, whipping the trunk around and emptying the full bladder at the demon before him. The acid causes the mask to fuse to Austin’s skin, and despite being rushed to the emergency room, the doctors in the ER are not able to remove it. Clearly during the initial confrontation, the battle goes to the fireman, but this is just the first of many confrontations. Austin is no more, he is now TAURON! And his telekinetic powers grow stronger every day!

  6. Daniel Langsdale on

    The fireman.

    Firemen are fearless, so that negates the mask. And my best friend’s a lover, not a fighter.

  7. The fireman takes an early acid bath of his own acid… This one is an easy win for the telekinesis kid. Does not even need the mask.

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