After 8 issues, dozens of crossover issues (at least half of which actually had something to do with the main story) and sixteen years, Civil War II is finally over, and the Marvel Universe is now dealing with the consequences.  Still, the Civil War II ending shocked me, featuring the apparent death of Iron Man at the hands of Captain Marvel.  Given that the series had previously featured the murder of a different founding Avengers, I was surprised that Tony Stark met his maker, leading to today’s prevaricative query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) also worries that they’ve irrevocably damaged the character of Captain Marvel, but that’s another question for another day, asking: Did the Civil War II ending go the way you expected?


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  1. Nope. I expected to at least be o.k. or Not bad. what we got the black guy dies first banner dies and tony in a box. and the lead woman for marvel is now hated by as many fans as she is loved. it’s pulled away the last five a years of good work in a stroke.

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