It’s the first week of January, the time when I realize just how much I’ve been slacking off throughout the second half of December.  With my birthday being on 12/17 (that’s 17/12 for all y’all in Europe and such), it can be difficult to really sit back at the grindstone and get back to work.  This year, it’s doubly annoying, thanks to my wife gifting me a copy of Diablo III (which we might have been up until midnight playing last night but you can’t prove it so don’t accuse me of nothin’) making it difficult to focus on either the process of loving-comics-and-you-do-too OR whatever in the world it is I do in my day job, leading to today’s distracting query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) also wants to watch ‘La La Land’, but that would require going out in the snow, which is NOT happening, asking: Which bits of your favorite pop culture are the most tempting distractions when you’ve got to get back to work?


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  1. Engaging video games, particularly those with a compelling story or those where you have multiple options to proceed (ranging from side missions to class or party customization and so on). I’ll lose track of time with them, and even once I’ve realized the time and that I have other things I need to do, I’m still reluctant to stop playing or am in a distracted rush to get back to it.

    Similarly, a good book (novel or comics alike). When I’m really enjoying the story, it is hard to focus on anything until I’ve picked the book back up and continued or finished. While some TV shows and movies have a similar effect, particularly when binge watching a season (which is how I watch most shows these days), but it doesn’t happen as often as with books as I prefer to read over watching TV or movies. Not saying watching TV is bad, I just personally enjoy reading more.

  2. I can control time spent on games, books, comics, or TV pretty easily but pro wrestling is bad. There’s some sort of wrasslin’, lucha, or puroresu happening pretty much every day and results & comments, often also videos are available instantly. As a fan of more than one promotion or style, its overwhelming.

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