For at least the last five years, nerd discussions have included questions of when the Marvel Cinematic Universe would have its first big failure.  In 2016, we got the answer, with the cancellation of ‘Agent Carter,’ a show whose premature end has been blamed on its female lead, the weird decision to constantly undermine that female lead and due to it being set in the past.  That last one carries the most weight for me (although Chad Michael Murray’s awful Jack Thompson could sink even the most beloved TV show), as period tales are often met with derision from audiences, leading to today’s temporal query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) enjoys a story that nails the temporal setting, not the nebulous “totally the past, you guys” hodge-podge of the recent X-Men movies, asking: Do you find any issues with stories set in the past?


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  1. Sometimes, but not in costuming, sets or anything like that, even if its not just right I can look past it. My problems are more with story things that tie into other stuff already seen, like Star Wars prequels, when they try to retcon stuff or over explain everything.

  2. Depends, really. I have enjoyed plenty of shows that are set in the past for one reason or another, but there are plenty I’ve found hard to follow or become immersed with for other reasons. Just depends on different factors.

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