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  1. Jedi Powers are virtually magical in nature, which, as any fan of superman knows, is the only constant thing they have made as Superman’s weakness. That give a advantage to the Jedi over Superman.

  2. I’m giving this one to the Jedi.

    Telekinesis could counteract Superman’s strength and Jedi reflexes almost match Superman’s speed. Most importantly a Jedi’s willingness to use leathal force would give them a crucial advantage over the man of steel.

    The real question is which villian or sith lord could engineer such a fight in the first place?

  3. To be fair, I think Superman would mow down MOST Jedi, even some Masters. But as the question specifically said a Jedi with FULL Force powers, and I’m thinking someone with a good grasp of multiple Force abilities and techniques rather than someone who has complete mastery of a few select skills, I gotta go with a Jedi on this. And then you have Star Wars aliens with their own unique physical abilities that bring more power to the table (including some that have super speed or are naturally strong or have tough skin and so on).

    It would certainly be a close fight, but in the end I think the right Force skills could easily counter anything Superman could throw at a Force user.

  4. As all bouts against Superman go, the question has to be asked whether the opponent could withstand a full power heat-vision blast (which can demolish large areas of cities) delivered from orbit (and whether they could attack Superman when he is that far away from them). I cannot think of anything in the Jedi arsenal that would allow them to dodge or evade that kind of destruction, or enable them to harm Superman when he’s thousands of vertical miles away from them.

  5. The question is, could Superman survive being force choked while being subjected to a pun about choking on his aspirations? :P

  6. I have to say Jedi. Green lightsabers might be Krytonite. Even if not they xould find some. But since this is a crossover event theyd team up against Darth Luthor and the empire. Or would he be more a Grand Moff…..

  7. Jedi seem to be close quarter fighters, with some emphasis on Telekinesis. Superman can, but rarely, uses power at a distance. The Jedi might win the first few rounds, but I think Superman may out last them.
    If Superman used his freeze breath and ‘Superclap’, that might have an effect.

    I think the Silver/Bronze age Superman would have an easier time of beating a Jedi, because of his experience and variety of powers.

  8. I come here to debate the Jedi ever beating superman and now just regret my vote all together….Jedi with the light saber on Yavan iv

  9. Superman all the way. Most of the arguments are for the Jedi’s powers being magic, and Supes being vulnerable to it. This is not true. They are biological. See midiclorians. Take away that advantage, and Superman is just too powerful.

  10. Superman wins. In a battle between the generic and the specific, the specific always wins because of branding.

    Further, generic jedi (including masters) have been shown to be quite vulnerable to defeat by nearly random blasterfire. Superman has a crazy amount of superspeed and laser shooty eyes which is probably enough to overcome them.

  11. Katherine Beard on

    This is a trick question because the current version of Superman is lying mostly dead in a coffin in Kansas. At this moment even I could kick his butt. Jedi by default.

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