One of the greatest parts about The Thunderbolts (apart from the miracle of keeping their secret until the book hit the stands) was the successful repackaging of the characters within.  Erik Josten and Abe Jenkins had been around since the earliest days of the Marvel Universe, but had never been made into interesting characters until Busiek and Bagley worked their magic.  It’s one of the great success stories of superhero comics, taking a group of lower-tier super-villains and making awesome heroes out of them, leading to today’s reconstituted query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) really wants to see someone give Dane Whitman his due, even if the Black Knight things has never really gelled, asking: What fictional character is most in need of a repackaging?


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  1. If they insist keeping him as the poster boy of Marvel Universe: Iron Man. As it is, hes a terrible person and nobody should tolerate him, not to mention follow his lead after what happened in Civil War. Looks like there’s going to be new one right now but time will tell where this is going.

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