The holiday season, at my house, is marked by three things: Tight budgets, birthday angst and Doctor Who.  The first two are a pain, but the third is a great joy, as I’ve been a fan since Season 19 when I was in middle school.  Though I love David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor and will physically fight you if you want to disrespect Colin Baker’s Sixth, MY Doctor has always been Peter Davison’s calm, pleasant Fifth.  The theory among fans is the first Doctor you encounter is your favourite, which leads us to today’s celery-wearing query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) reminds Faithful Spoilerites that “None” is never an acceptable MS-QOTD answer, so if you’re unfamiliar, just pick the coolest coat, asking: Which Doctor is YOUR Doctor?


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  1. Having first discovered the Doctor through syndication during the Tom Baker / Fourth Doctor era – he of the hallowed scarf – that’s my go to Doctor.


    I have a special place for Rowan Atkinson’s run in “Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death”.

  2. I’ve watched most of the Doctor’s on PBS in college and watched all the the New Who.
    For some reason Matt Smith clicked for me. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy all of the other versions, but Matt is my favorite.

  3. My first Doctor really was Tom Baker (I nearly wore out a VHS copy of The Sontaran Experiment/Genesis of the Daleks) but The Doctor which ended up being my favorite (and what I count as my Doctor) was the Sixth.

  4. Your first Doctor is always the best Doctor. Tom Baker. David Tennant did grow on me so he had some consideration as well.

  5. Tom Baker easy but I also liked Chris Eccleston he put the Doctor back on the map. And companions Janet Fileding for best legs.

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