This morning, in the aftermath of a particularly lovely party, I awoke and made myself a nice plateful of pepperoni pizza rolls.  Not only are they delicious but, like a real pizza, they’re even better the next day.  In my college days, cold pizza for breakfast was a tradition of payday weeks (mostly because a good size delivery pie would give me several days worth of food) and even today, my lunchbox will often be a slice of pizza and a bottle of water, which represents all the food groups.  (As Gen Xers, my wife and I don’t know about this “pyramid” thing the kids today are into.)  My child, however, thinks that I’m crazy for my wild Italian breakfast ways, leading to today’s deep-dish query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) notes that one of the primary exceptions is a taco pizza, which MUST be eaten while fresh out of the oven, for squishiness reasons, asking: Pizza For Breakfast: Great Idea or The Greatest Idea?


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  1. The idea is so brilliant that it cycles past greatness into some category we mere mortals cannot yet comprehend.

    But then again, I’m probably biased as I am a person who never gets sick of pizza in all it’s various forms and has had many, many variations of pizza for breakfast through the years. Cold leftover pizza, cheap tiny microwave pizza, pizza rolls, breakfast pizzas, etc.

  2. Frederick Pagliarulo on

    The other night, I ate an entire bag of pizza rolls by myself while watching The Walking Dead mid-season finale. Sadly, there were none left the next day to test your theory. :( Maybe next time, I’ll save a few…

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