We all know that you can stop into any Hot Topic, Spencer’s or even an athletic store and get yourself a cool Batman shirt. With geek culture on the rise there are more and more small businesses getting in on this zeitgeist shift. That in mind, every month it is my goal to feature independent artisans who create unique geeky items based around a specific theme.

With the added bonus this month of being potential holiday gifts!

Chic Geek for this month is all about cool Star Wars swag in honour of Rogue One hitting theaters worldwide!

Love and Madness


Love and Madness is a cute online jewlery boutique that is branching out into several franchises and even has a Star Wars tab on the top menu bar of their website. Very affordable and with a lot of cute designs!
Love and Madness represents some of the most popular iconography in the Star Wars universe (Storm Troopers, R2-D2), and quotations from the franchise (“In a galaxy far, far away” and an opening crawl bracelet!).
For something a little more subtle that can transcend a professional work environment or fany party, Love and Madness is a wonderful option!
Approximate price range: $4.00 – $60.00

The Brave Little Tailor

The Brave Little Tailor is an Etsy-only shop with a focus on clothing (mostly dresses and skirts), and accessories. This is great shop to visit if you are a Kylo Ren fan and they come in a variety of sizes so that everyone can celebrate their Star Wars fandom!
They also carry a variety of adorable pins to accent the lapel or bag that you may be carrying with you, with everyone’s favourite new droid – BB8 – among them.

There is a choice at The Brave Little Tailor to highlight your light side, your dark side or a little bit of both!

Approximate price range: $5.00 – $50.00

Sent From Mars

Sent From Mars is, again, an Etsy only shop – hopefully only for the moment – that makes absolutely beautiful bags that are larger than a clutch! It’s often difficult to find something nerdy that can also hold everything that you need to get through a busy work day! Now, this does mean a price hike compared to some of the other shops featured on this list, but that goes along with the roominess.

It is also worth noting that Sent From Mars offers an option to customize a bag if the listed selection doesn’t meet your needs – very cool!

With designs ranging from the light side to the dark side, Sent From Mars will definitely have a tote for the Jedi or the Sith in your life.

Approximate price range: $300.00+

Old Glow Candles

Old Glow Candles offers candles based on a variety of pop culture and literary properties that are sure to appeal to many nerds and geeks. . Amongst their collection if a Tatooine inspired candle that is an utterly stunning addition to any home.
Old Glow Candles all come in a glass casing with an artistic label that can masquerade as secretly nerdy that will not stand out in any home or work setting except for the lovely scent.

Not only are Old Glow Candles an easy way to welcome exotic fictional locales like Tatooine into your home base, but they come at a very affordable price point as well.

Approximate price range: $8.00 – $25.00

Elizabeth O.’s Star Wars Tea Blends

Elizabeth O.’s Star Wars Tea Blends are hosted through Adagio Tea’s fandom blends. She has the fullest collection of eclectic teas celebrating  characters and locations from across the various Star Wars movies.

There are enough diverse blends in Elizabeth O.’s tea shop to fit any palatte preferences a Star Wars fan may have.

Elizabeth O.’s Star Wars Tea Blends are perfect to be featured in any home, for any occassion – both delicious and healthy!

Approximate price range: $10.00 – $25.00

I hope you find a collection of singular Star Wars merchandise from this list from either yourself or a special person in your life. If you do pick anything up, let me know in the comment setion below – or if you have any other sweet shops that you would like see featured on Chic Geek in the future, please share them in the comment section as well.


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