Even though I enjoy the character in All-New All-Different Avengers and Champions, I find myself not at all interested in the adventures of Sam Alexander, Marvel’s newest character to call himself Nova.  Probably that’s because of my affection for Rich Rider, the previous Nova, and a slight resentment of his status as Rich’s replacement.  The fact that Marvel editorial is so clearly thrilled with Sam, seeing him as an important part of the new hotness, just adds to my quiet issues, leading to today’s suspiciously similar query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has similar problems with the cycle of characters meant to be the New Jean Grey, right up until the current version, the Old Jean Grey, asking: Are there characters you can’t bring yourself to like because of their “replacement” status?


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  1. Yes, usually the classic ones I care about, it has nothing to do with new person, just how I feel. I push back against any new Cap, Thor, Cyclops, even Wolverine, Superman, Spider-Man and several others if they are replaced. If new character takes different name or different gear and acts as a successor, rather than replacement, I’m fine with it. Oh, don’t care if Iron Man gets replaced, good riddance of the douche and I love how the new girl looks.

  2. Sometimes, but it usually has more reasons than simply the replacement status.

    That said, it did take me time to warm up to some of the replacement Power Rangers when I was younger. I was much happier when they started using the Super Sentai formula of a whole new team every time there was a new set of powers, it was less frustrating than it was when characters just suddenly disappeared (like Jason, Zack and Trini did) or left mid-season (like the big team replacement mid-Turbo replacing everyone but Justin).

    I also wasn’t too crazy about Kyle Rayner, but it wasn’t simply the replacement status. I eventually grew to enjoy the character well enough (wasn’t my favorite, but I didn’t despise him either), but I was beyond thrilled when the Green Lantern Corps was brought back and many previous Lanterns returned.

  3. By all accounts, I should really be a fan of Charles Emmerson Winchester III, he has more than twice the depth and character development than his predecessor Frank Burns. Not to mention being witty and at least an equal for Hawkeye to compete with and banter with. But boy… Do I like Frank burns a million times better.

    MASH is really the only time I can think of that I felt this way in any meaningful capacity, aside from maybe me not being thrilled by Matt Smith as The Doctor, but I don’t really think that counts seeing as I’m fine with all the rest of them.

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