One might assume it’s a function of my middle-age, but my admiration of people who can pull off the bald look dates back to high-school, a time when I was focused on growing a mullet of epic proportions.  My own head isn’t really suited to the hairless aesthetic, but Captain Jean-Luc Picard could pull it off with aplomb.  In more recent times, the hero known as The Caped Baldy (AKA One-Punch Man) can also get away with the shiny-skulled look, and ends up being among the most impressive heroes in recent memory, leading to today’s Luthorian query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) wouldn’t want to tell Marcellus Wallace he’s not on the list, but then again Heather Douglas is intimidating, as well, asking: Who’s the coolest fictional bald person of all?


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  1. I used to have an easy answer to this question: Mace Windu. I mean, who would want to mess with the head of the Jedi council with his awesome force powers and purple lightsaber. By far the best thing to come out of the Star Wars prequels, Samuel L. Jackson’s portrayal of the stoic and strong leader of the Jedi in what was arguably their darkest hour is unmatched in the trilogy. But now, I have to rethink my answer. Last fall, Netflix introduced us to a bullet-proof bartender, and this fall, they gave the hero of Harlem his own series. I never thought that I would see Master Windu hand over his crown to a street level hero, and maybe it is only temporary because the shine is still not off the penny, but Mike Colter as Luke Cage is my current pick for “coolest fictional bald person of all.”

  2. Three-way tie for three different categories: Jet Black from “Cowboy Bebop” for awesome animated bald guy, Red Foreman from “That 70’s Show” for awesome live-action TV bald guy, and Mace Windu from the “Star Wars” franchise for awesome movies (and other categories as he’s been in animation, comics, novels, games, etc.) bald guy.

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