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    • Ditto. I take a single serving of everything there is to be had. But everyone else knows that if they want any Deviled Eggs, get them first, because I use the egg tray as my starting plate.

  1. We don’t have thanksgiving but mashed potatoes and gravy is a popular everyday dish in here so I went with that. We usually have it with meatballs or sausage.

  2. Stuffing for sure, Followed closely by canned cranberry sauce. The SCHLOP sound as it slides out of the can is one of the best sounds of the season. Happy Holidays everyone!

  3. This is the hardest poll of the week to date. Thanksgiving has always been all about the sides to me, but since becoming a vegetarian in ’08, it has become even more so. I am not one of those “oh my god it touched meat!” Vegetarians, but it was important to me when having Thanksgiving in my home surrounded by herbivores to make sure all the dishes were veg friendly. When it came to mashed potatoes and gravy, that was a huge challenge. Over the years I had perfected pan gravy. Taking the drippings from the bird and the giblets and crafting a delicious sauce to smother the smashed spuds in was an art form I took pride in. It took some time, and many failed attempts, but I think upon mastering a vegetarian gravy, the almighty mashed potato has taken its rightful place as my favorite Thanksgiving side dish.

  4. From the list, deviled eggs. The dinner rolls we make are usually okay, too.

    I haven’t been able to eat creamed corn since an incident in my childhood (I’ll spare the details), I’m not big on gravy (though I do love mashed potatoes), I can’t eat the stuffing my family makes due to food allergies (they know, they just ignore it and call me “picky” because I don’t want to quit breathing or end up swollen in the emergency room like several previous family holidays, though I LOVE the cornbread stuffing my friend makes that also doesn’t include the foods I’m allergic to), sweet potatoes and candied yams make me ill (not in the same way other allergies do, but still cause problems. Really sucks because they do taste good.), and I can’t eat green bean casserole either.

    So my thanksgiving dinner with family is usually about a dozen deviled eggs, a couple of dinner rolls, and eating black olives (after putting one on every finger and making the little kids laugh and imitate the act).

  5. Huh, so y’all don’t have any noodle dishes up there, huh?

    Thanksgiving is one of the rare times we get home-made mac and cheese, rather than the pre-packaged stuff. There’s also a cheesy spaghetti dish we make sometimes instead.

    Also a big fan of broccoli and cheese casserole. Guess there’s just different dishes for different regions, huh?

  6. I voted Sweet Potatoes, with Mashed Potatoes as a close second. I like both, but sweet potatoes in any form don’t fill me up nearly as quickly. And I really don’t like that “stuffed to the gills” feeling. So I’ll take sweet potatoes. And seconds.

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