Once, some years ago, Rodrigo and I had a conversation about Gorillaz, a band which I wasn’t aware didn’t exist.  That is to say, while SOMEONE made their music, the members were fictional and comprised a virtual band.  It immediately reminded me of The Archies, cartoon characters who nonetheless scored several hits in the early 70s, leading to today’s Billboard query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) still has a soft spot for The Chipmunks, asking: Which virtual band tops your charts?


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  1. The Banana Splits

    Fleegle (the Beagle) on Guitar;
    Bingo (the Gorilla) on Drums;
    Drooper (the Lion) on Bass;
    and Snorky (the Elephant) on keyboards.

  2. Nuts, hit post by accident before I finished. Also in consideration would be Fat Albert & the Cosby kids band. How can you not love a band with a guy playing a radiator as an accordion? Lastly I am a fan of South Park’s
    ‘Faith +1’ from the Christain Rock Hard episode in season 9

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