If there were only one upside to Big Finish Productions audio play continuations of classic Doctor Who (and there are actually many), it would be seeing Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor climb out from beneath the bus under which he was thrown in 1987.  (Man, I love that sentence.)  Introduced as a jerk, the intention to reveal his heart of gold never came through as his tenure was cut short.  It’s a damn shame, too, as he is perhaps the finest actor to ever hold the role, leading to today’s truncated query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is still hoping that Marvel actually finishes ‘Miracleman: The Silver Age’, but it’s been nearly a year and I’m losing hope, asking: What story, series or arc that was short do you most wish had been completed?


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  1. Carnivàle.

    It had so much potential, but I think the writer(s) got so into laying breadcrumbs that they never developed the story fast enough, so after two seasons HBO pulled the plug on the planned six season storyline.

    • Don’t forget Alphas (which apparently was part of the Warehouse 13/Eureka shared universe).

      That and SGU (and the SG-1 setting in general, since they were making an SG-1/Atlantis team-up movie when things got put on hold at MGM) get my vote. They both ended on cliffhangers that have been driving me crazy since they aired. At this point, I would be happy just to get a comic wrap-up series for them, just to have closure.

  2. Dead Like Me End of the second season, they really seemed to have hit a nice stride – would have liked to have seen where they went with a few more seasons

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