Many times, the MS-QOTD is entirely due to my scanning cable channels for something that won’t irritate the hell out of me.  This led to my daughter and I watching an episode of ‘The Electric Company’ from 2009, wherein Lin-Manuel Miranda rapped about silent ‘e’, while wearing a cape for some reason.  She was shocked to see him, but even more so when I told her about when I was a kid and Electric Company featured Morgan Freeman as Vincent the Vegetable  Vampire.  This phenomenon of the unexpected actor is one of my favorite moments in pop culture, giving me moments both shocking (like Melissa Benoist in ‘Homeland’) and wonderful (such as a random Ashley Williams appearance, always a pleasure) and leading to today’s cameo appearing query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) was also shocked to find Stephen Ogg, the voice of Trevor from ‘Grant Theft Auto V’ in a recent episode of ‘The Walking Dead’, asking: What’s the most unusual example of the unexpected actor in your favorite pop-culture?


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  1. Most unusual, hands down has to be South Park. My favorite would be Robert Smith of the Cure playing himself, where he transforms into a giant moth to fight a giant Mecha-Streisand who is destroying South Park. Most unusual would be Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Sanctuary where George Clooney plays Stan’s dog Sparky. His dialogue consists solely of an A-list celebrity saying “woof”.

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