There are days where it’s nearly impossible to stay positive.  That’s just part of the human condition, but fortunately we have our stories, our songs, our various bits of pop culture and art to remind us of the better times.  (No, I’m not making a case for Chumbawamba’s ‘Tub-Thumping.  That thing is kinda awful.  Sorry)  When I feel like everything is going wrong, there are a few songs I can count on, at least temporarily to lift my spirits.  In the worst case scenario, there’s always ‘Underdog’ cartoons, leading us to today’s changing YOUR mood query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) can’t hear the trumpet them to ‘Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger’ without perking up a little, asking: What specific media is MOST successful at changing your mood?


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  1. If I want to add a bit more pep to my step, I listen to John William’s “Superman” score. If I need to relax, then Copland’s “Our Town” does the trick.

  2. Any Rowan Atkinson talking comedy. Meaning any era of Black Adder or any episode of The Thin Blue Line.

    Honestly, who can stay in a blue funk when someone is spouting ‘I have a cunning plan..’

  3. It honestly depends on my mood. What cheers me up when I’m sad is far different than what cheers me up when I’m angry and the like.

    But the most constant thing across all emotions is a tie between MST3K and Weird Al. They both have the power to bring me somewhat out of even my worst moods (though sometimes not completely, they still help). When one of my closest friends passed away about 17 years ago, it was a combo of the two that kept me from sitting around and wallowing in despair and depression. I was still understandably upset, but at least they brought my mood up to a point that I could function.

  4. Media itself doesn’t matter as much as how well I can immerse myself into it at that point. That depends mostly what I feel like I’m most interested in at that moment. Could be video game, podcast, comic, book, movie, TV series or live stream.

    • I use video games, reading and a lot of other stuff on my computer and consoles as a sort of secondary painkiller. I wouldn’t say it elevates my mood at all times, but the immersion is a great distraction for the pain issues I deal with (I do have a painkiller I take daily, but it only does so much and I am reluctant to try anything stronger despite my doctor offering to get them. I don’t like how they make me feel, you know?). I went without my PC most of last week (my old one died and I had to wait until my stepdad got me a new one. Was going to get a cheap one, but he helped me out and said he’d pay the difference for a better one, but I had to wait until Sunday to get it) and it was pretty miserable not having my usual distractions. I did have a couple of good books, but they didn’t last long, so those last couple of days were just really uncomfortable.

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