The success of the Marvel/Netflix shows has been impressive to me, due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback they’ve been getting.  As a large fan of all these characters, except for Daredevil, I was impressed enough by the fact that these characters actually got a TV adaptation at all, but to have the shows actually be good is just a cherry on a metaphorical sundae.  Of course, after Iron Fist, Punisher, The Defenders, Jessica Jones Season 2, Daredevil Season 3 and whatever else is already in the hopper, where can these heroes go?  Dare we ask for El Aguila?  The Prowler?  Or even (SQUEEE!) Omega The Unknown?  Even limited to just street-level Marvel heroes, the options are practically endless, leading to today’s fightin’-in-a-dimly-lit-hallway query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) also wouldn’t mind seeing Thunderbolt in action, even though most of y’all have never heard of him, asking: Which character should be the next Marvel/Netflix TV adaptation?


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  1. Justice Society made in Art Deco Noir Old Timey Hollywood style. Like Citizen Kane but with super heroes. Every place should look like Chrysler building and everyone like they are from Alex Ross drawings. Alternatively, they can do Astro City with similar style too.

  2. Looking at the trend of Marvel sticking with Street Level heroes or those who stay away from the Main Marvel fighting Universe, I would LOVE to see Shang-Chi, especially if they follow the original series. If they can once again use the name Fu Manchu, that would just be the topping on the sundae.
    Here’s to seeing Dougray Scott as Black Jack Tarr!

    • Completely agree on a Shang-Chi series being great. I always wanted to see Stephen Chow as Shang-Chi.
      I’d also think an Agents of Atlas series set in the 1950’s would be amazing. We could get a cameo of Peggy Carter or even the Howling Commandos. A globetrotting spy thriller of them ending Yellow Claw’s schemes.While Yellow Claw is setting up Jimmy as his successor with either the second or third season having Jimmy as leader of the Atlas foundation possibly with a time jump to modern times.The only problem is I don’t know if Namora is with Fox.

  3. Ditto that. I’ve really hoped we would see Shang-Chi brought to the MCU in some capacity, and ideally I would love a series that can not only bring the character to life, but also bring the character to new fans who may have never heard of him.

  4. Daniel Langsdale on

    I think that Kickers, Inc. could be a dramatically solid series, if they could get a good adversary. Friday Night Lights with Captain America as the quarterback.

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