Somehow, this week involved several discrete references to ‘Bionic Six,’ one of the few late 80s cult ‘toons I never saw.  Usually, I take these coincidences as a sign from the universe to check out the forgotten cartoon in question, but have had no luck in finding that one anywhere.  Besides, I’m way behind in all my TV, plus if I were going 80s syndication, I’d want ‘James Bond, Jr.’, leading to today’s cybernetic query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is actually expecting ‘Jayce And The Wheeled Warriors’ back any day now, asking: What forgotten cartoon of your past most needs a relaunching in present day?


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  1. This question brought back a lot of memories. Every Saturday ,morning, I was glued to the TV watching cartoons.
    I looked up some of the shows that I watched as a kid. Boy, nostalgia really tints memories. Some of those shows I thought were good, actually stank on ice. Of the decent ones, “Valley of the Dinosaurs” would be a fun one to revisit.

  2. I used to love a cartoon, I think it was call “Silver Hawks” or something. They were people, each with metallic body parts, and one guy played a guitar. They had cool space ships and flew around alot. If I remember correctly, they might have also come together in a Voltronish fashion to beat the big bads.

    I should look this up, so as not too sound as foolish as I fear I just did, but that’s my memory of a forgotten cartoon I’d like to see.

  3. Herculoids and the Galaxy Trio.
    You can throw in a Heroic Spaceghost or Mightor .

    I also believe that Blackstar never received his due since he was a He-Man knockoff, but his situation was interesting.

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