I find it a little bit disappointing that, whenever we discuss aliens, everyone immediately goes to Kryptonian.  Given their big vulnerabilities (Magic, Kryptonite and wire-rimmed glasses), it seems like the focus is just on the physical power.  Equal power could be had with a DC Comics Martian alien physiology, albeit with an even bigger weakness, or Marvel’s Kree, who are basically just blue humans with funny hats.  The shape-shifting powers of a Skrull or a Durlan would be nice, or perhaps the intangibility of a Bgtzloid or, heck, the redundant systems, computer mind and superior physical prowess of the Vulcans.  In short, I think we can find things that would be more fun than Kryptonian, Faithful Spoilerites, leading us to today’s xenobiological query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) realizes you could choose to be E.T., and have cuddliness, millions of dollars in profits, and the protection of your dad, Mister T, asking: You get to assume the form and abilities of one fictional alien, including ALL weaknesses: Which alien physiology do you choose?


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  1. Daniel Langsdale on

    Gallifreyan. Two hearts to love with, and all the time to do it in. I might worry a bit about gasses in the praxis range, but fortunately I know where I can find some celery….

  2. I have to go with Time Lord. I say Time Lord, not Gallifreyan, because not all Gallifreyans are Time Lords (and thus do not have all the same abilities, such as the regeneration capabilities).

    I really thought long and hard on this, and while there are numerous aliens with intriguing abilities or powers, being a Time Lord fits best for me. Nevermind the longevity (which is appealing as I would like a long life, but I do not want true immortality), the sheer power of the mind of a Time Lord, the ability to process so much information at once is seductive. I enjoy solving puzzles and mysteries, and I always wish I knew how to help others, so the mental acuity of a Time Lord mixed in with all their other abilities is just too appealing.

  3. DC universe Martian is definitely in one of my top spots. Physical power and speed, flight, shape-shifting and telepathy all in one package.

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