Bluefin continues to bring very cool action figures from overseas into our hands, and in 2017, we’ll be able to get our hands on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, The Joker, and more alt-version Star Wars figures.

New Tamashii Nations Q1 2017 Releases:

Red Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Height: Approx. 3.5 inches · MSRP: $13.99 · Available March 2017
With the TAMASHII BUDDIES brand, TAMASHII NATIONS’s extensive character modeling know-how is concentrated into 3.5 inch tall figures with dynamic interchangeable backgrounds and stackable frames. Joining the line-up is a nostalgic blast from the past with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! Be sure to grab one of everybody’s favorite leader, the Red Ranger.


Pink Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Height: Approx. 3.5 inches · MSRP: $13.99 · Available March 2017
The Pink Ranger looks cute in this chibi-size rendition and is perfect for displaying on a desk at work or home.

Lord Zedd from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Height: Approx. 3.5 inches · MSRP: $13.99 · Available March 2017
A colorful rendition of one everyone’s favorite villains, Lord Zedd who was unique to the American version of the show.

The Joker from Suicide Squad
Height: Approx. 6 inches · MSRP: $59.99 · Available March 2017
S.H.Figuarts presents the ultimate action figure portrayal of the Joker from the film Suicide Squad. Fully articulated and detailed down to the seams and wrinkles in his clothes, it’s perfect for capturing all sorts of scenes from the hit film. The figure is colored using digital coloring technology so detailed that it’s even able to capture the distinctive color of his pupils. The 6 inch tall figure comes with two heads with different expressions, two types each of left and right hands, and the Joker’s trademark pink pistols.

Samurai Iron Man Mark 3 from Iron Man
Height: Approx. 6 inches · MSRP: $91.99 · Available March 2017
The popular Meisho Manga Realization series re-envisions hit characters as samurai from Japan’s feudal era. The latest release is Iron Man Mark 3, as envisioned by the talented Takayuki Takeya. Iron Man’s high-tech armor is rendered in the style of the samurai, with details down to the ornate scroll-work on the breastplate and rivets on the plating. Clockwork, steam-punk style jetpack and flintlock rifle-esque cannons enhance the fantastic appearance of the design. The 6 inch figure comes with two types of optional hands (left and right sides), a katana, and a jetpack.

Hi-Metal R Dougram from Fang of the Sun Dougram
Height: Approx. 6.2 inches · MSRP: $134.99 · Available March 2017
The classic Eighties “real robot” as it has never been seen before! The Hi-METAL R Dougram represents a pinnacle for Dougram collectibles, with an opening cockpit, removable weapons, and incredible posability. It can even do kneeling poses! The 6.2 inch figure is made out of ABS, PVC, and die-cast metal. The set includes the robot, three types of left and two types of right option hands, the “Turbozack” backpack with linear gun, a missile pod, two pilot figures, and two antenna.

FA-78-1 Full Armor Gundam
Height: Approx. 6.2 inches · MSRP: $59.99 · Available March 2017
This classic re-envisioning of the Gundam design dates back to the “Mobile Suit Variation” model series of the 1980s. Clad in olive drab armor and bristling with weapons, it is one of the first powered-up variations from the early days of the Gundam universe. In addition to incredible posability and a large number of missile and cannon effect parts for dramatic scenes, the armor can be removed to reveal a realistically colored RX-72-2 Gundam beneath. This is the ultimate portrayal of a fan favorite!

The ABS and PVC figure includes a set of Full Armor, four types of optional hands (L/R), two shoulder missile pods, two effects for the missies, two knee missies, two effect parts for the knee missiles, an effect part for the twin beam cannon, an effect for the 360mm launcher, head-mounted vulcan effect parts, a Gundam shield, a Hyper Bazooka, a Beam Rifle with detachable effect part, a long saber grip, two saber effect parts, a curved-blade saber effect, a hand storage rack, and various attachment joints.

Sagittarius Aiolos from Saint Seiya
Height: Approx. 4 inches · MSRP: $59.99 · Available March 2017
The fifth gold saint joins the D.D.Panoramation series! This new series of 4 inch tall mini-figures and custom backdrops is like art in the palm of your hand and a total re-definition of action figure style! Recreate key scenes, or make custom ones. Collectors can even connect them together to make a bigger display!

The Sagittarius Aiolos figures comes in a set with two optional facial expressions, a hairstyle without the mask, two types of optional hands (L/R), a Seiya head, Seiya optional expression, Seiya’s hair (non-mask), bow and arrow set, two baby Athenas, the Palace of the Centaur gate, the Wall of Will, large and small bases, a staircase, and one set of “structure parts.

Yumi Ashigaru Stormtrooper from Star Wars
Height: Approx. 6 inches · MSRP: $89.99 · Available April 2017
Collectors and Star Wars fans will want to make room on the shelf because the next member of the Meisho Movie Realization Star Wars line is here. In this case, yumi means “archer” and this Stormtrooper lives up to his name with an impressive Japanese-style long bow just that is as big as he is tall! The helmet design has also been revised to mimic the traditional feudal archer headwear. Set includes interchangeable hands (x6), bow and arrow set, katana set, and quiver.

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