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But that’s not important right now…

When I was a young adult, our pop culture was obsessed with the idea of cyberspace, usually expressed as crude 3D modeling floating in a wireframe void, occasionally with glowy bits.  It was, we were led to believe, the inevitable wave of the future and our probable doom, a very mixed message.  Today’s social-media-smartphone-other-buzzword world has shifted that fear to other realms, but the fear of and/or desire to digitize and go down the glowing green rabbit holestill persists, leading to today’s Freakazoidial query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) doesn’t quite trust the whole idea, but that’s probably because of the horror that was ‘The Lawnmower Man,’asks: Do you see any allure in fully-immersive 90s-style “cyberspace” virtual reality?


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  1. Maybe as a curiosity, but I’m not super into VR in that 90’s cyberpunk style or this modern that’s coming out right now. I’m not a glasses and/or headphones guy if I can don’t have to, I like to be aware of my surroundings.

  2. Yes, yes I do.

    There is just something appealing to me about immersive VR in general, but as a fan of various media that had weird VR cyberspace stories (such as the “Otherland” novel series, the original “Tron”, and to some degree, certain incarnations of “Digimon”), even with all the potential horrors, I still wish it were real.

    But I will also be the first to admit my opinion is heavily biased. I’ve been sick and disabled my entire life, so the idea that I could live a “normal” life in cyberspace, even if it isn’t exactly a flesh-and-blood life, doing normal things like walking or hearing… It is too tempting to pass up if the opportunity presented itself.

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