As the fall television season finally gets underway, we pause for a moment to ponder the loss of shows that were cancelled/ended before their time. Meanwhile, other shows continue without a second glance, that may (or may not) have passed their freshness date.

Which brings us to this week’s Major Spoilers Poll of the Week.  Spoilerite Garret asks the all important animated question; Simpsons or Futurama?


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  1. Simpsons withoout a doubt.
    Futurama has it’s points, but the First Family of Fox has been cancel free for over 2 decades now.
    Secondly, this delightfully dysfunctional dynasty has danced the line between the absurd and the sublime for so ling that their feet have smudged it to the point that you no longer know where the line is.

  2. Although both series are great when you compare and contrast Futurama, having less episodes, in average it’s a better series than the Simpsons

  3. I love “The Simpsons” dearly, and it is one of my favorite TV series of all time.


    “Futurama” is just all-around more enjoyable to me. At a very basic level, they are not all that different, but “Futurama” has that little something extra, the super geeky sci-fi twist that made things even more ridiculously fun to watch. There are just some things that are funnier presented in the distant world of New New York than they would be in the not-too-distant world of Springfield.

  4. Futurama wins my vote. I love the math and physics jokes (which were present in the Simpsons in earlier seasons) and I feel like the writers use the sci-fi setting to cram a lot of gags into each episode.
    Some Simpsons episodes barely get a chuckle out of me; each Futurama episode has at least one gag I find hilarious.

  5. Futurama. No contest. Rick and Morty occasionally feels like a spiritual successor, but it’s still a separate (and amazing!) thing. There’s nothing else as simultaneously smart, funny, heartfelt, and heartbreaking as Futurama, no matter how many times I rewatch it.

  6. The problem is that there are too many Simpsons episodes, bad and good. The amount of bad Simpsons episodes is enough to equal ALL the existing Futurama episodes in total. So all the good Simpsons episodes get lost in the shuffle when you start to think about questions like these. Sad…

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