More heroes join the fight, but Omnikron has already made its way to Earth…  Is it too late to save the universe?  Your Major Spoilers review of Future Quest #5 awaits!

futurequest5coverFUTURE QUEST #5
Writer: Jeff Parker
Artist: Evan “Doc” Shane/Craig Rousseau
Colorist: Hi-Fi/jeremy Lawson
Letterer: ALW Studios’ Dave Lanphear
Editor: Marie Javins
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in Future Quest: “Team Quest is dealt a serious blow at the hands of FEAR just as Omnikron starts rebuilding itself on Earth—out of anything living that comes too close! Inter-Nation’s Deva Sumadi takes charge and splits the group up to go recruit more forces to take on the alien super creature. It’s time to go on tour with The Impossibles and meet the biggest fighting force in the world, Frankenstein, Jr.!”


We open in the Sea of Japan, as a fully loaded cargo ship encounters a strange whirlpool.  The panicked crew looks over the side only to find the monstrous Omnikron rising from the sea!  At the same time, the now-extended Quest Team, including Dino Boy and caveman Ug, finds their way through the time distortions and dinosaurs to a dig site.  There they find a series of cave paintings speaking of a legendary warrior, one that Ug enthusiastically naemes “Mi-Tor!”  Unfortunately, they also find the agents of F.E.A.R. and Jezebel Jade, who quickly turn the dig site into a combat zone.  Race Bannon is taken out of the fight, and things look grim until young Ty finds the weapon they’re looking for and is transformed (along with his cat, Snag) into the superhuman form of Mightor.

I got goosebumps…  Hang on a minute.

The second story in this issue features the first full appearance of The Impossibles, on the set of their show, which seems to be a live-action version of the cartoon adventures we saw, including the villains.  I have to admit, I’m not 100% on board with this story’s depictions, with the heroes themselves and the production staff seemingly making fun of the original cartoons, but I’m okay with the reveal of the origin of the Impossibles, and the debut of Cobalt, the mysterious woman in blue we’ve been seeing in all the previews.


Both art teams do phenomenal work in this issue, even with the moments of displeasure, although I will say that the sheer size of the cast seems to be slowing down the plot a bit.  I’m glad to see Ty and Snag’s plot-relevance, and both Mightor and Cobalt help to offer additional diversity to the 60s cast-members, and I feel like at least Multi-Man’s new look is a lovely updating of his classic super-suit.  Given that this is an ongoing series, I can’t be too upset to see the deliberate pacing as we build to the threat, but I’d love to see more time given to, f’rinstance, Race Bannon, who is quickly taken out by Jezebel Jade in this issue.  Still, Parker’s script gives most everyone a reason to be here, and works with the dozen plus characters pretty well.


In short, it’s not the best of the five issues to date, but Future Quest #5 is still a better-than-average effort with a LOT of moving pieces, even thought it hits a couple of sour notes (musician joke) regarding The Impossibles, earning 4.5 out of 5 stars overall.  If next issue features the Impossibles and company in their first on-panel battle (and I make no promises of that, given the wildly shifting locations of the first five issues), I hope that the creative team can make up for this issue’s disses…



The origin of The Impossibles and the debut of two new heroes, but the first bit of cynicism about the source material. Excellent art throughout, though...

User Rating: 3.85 ( 1 votes)

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  1. susan gallagher on

    The Impossibles are my all-time favourites! However, I personally prefer no new member – O.K. if she was someone who helped out now and again, (recurrent character), but wasn’t an actual member – I can’t help thinking she is there just for PC reasons. I was sorry to see that, in this version, the original Big D is fictional and has been replaced by Deva Sunali, a character I find very unlikable and would prefer to have little or no interaction with the ‘Imps! I also much prefer my fave member Multi’s original costume which is so distinctive looking and enhances his very appealing look. And I’d like the rest of his nose back! On the positive side – while I personally prefer their origin remained a mystery, the one here I don’t mind, they look O.K. apart from Multi’s nose being too small, (but his jaw-line looks great)! and I loved the bit about him spending lots of time in front of a mirror – always had him as a bit of an attention seeker, (but not in a bad or extreme way), just need to see him (and the others), enjoying the attention from the fans – and their interaction is great, like in the cartoon – although I feel the new member will disrupt that. Really would hope she is only temporary.

  2. I fear I won’t be sticking with this much longer, and I am a serious fan of old school HB action heroes. I didn’t mind the changes to Frankenstein Jr. Even though making him Asian is unnecessary and is the good ole diversity push in action. Further exampled by adding a female Impossible, and killing off the old Mightor in favor of replacing him with battlecat and an African American kid. Again….diversity pandering in action. Conveniently absent are Space Ghost and Zandor for whatever reason. Tundro and the rest of the Herculoid animals are apparently “dead” as well. Too many changes for no reason other than the “push”….which, unfortunately, is going to push folks like me out. Why? For changing the source material too much. Sooooo….I suspect Space Ghost will get killed off soon and Jan take up his mantle, and that will be the final nail in the coffin for my interest on this title. Which is a darn shame.

    • susan gallagher on

      So glad you can see where I’m coming from! I think this publication is not just about equality, but has a really over-emphasized PC/Feminist slant – and that’s coming from a woman, and not a very traditional one at that! I think it’s due to an agenda at DC. The Galaxy Trio now has Gravity Girl as their leader – that’s fair enough in it’s-self, some super hero teams do change leadership from time to time, but also………..Buzz Conroy’s father is the deceased parent here, and his mother is the one who built Franky Jr. and is also the world’s top roboticist – Buzz is now half-Asian – fair enough if his ethnicity was previously vague, but he’s been portrayed as definately European from the start! There would be outrage, (which I would fully agree with), if Hadji suddenly appeared as a European……… Jezebel Jade, originally a recurrent character, and Deva who isn’t an original HB character appear to have disproportionally large parts in the story, and Deva, as a loudmouthed harpy portrayed as a “strong woman”, is just as much a stereotype as the wimpy “Scream Queens” type, (who also ground my gears)!! just a newer one. The Impossibles are my all-time favourites, and there is little merchandise of them as it is – but I’m disappointed in their inclusion here. I feel awful saying it as the creative team are lovely guys and very talented – but – I just do not want the female Impossible. (If she was a recurrent character but not an actual member, O.K.). It’s obvious she’s been added simply for PC reasons. I think she will take attention from the originals, (who are the ones I want to see), disrupt the interaction and camaraderie between them which is such a great part of the cartoon, and fear she may be portrayed as a “smarty-pants” who saves the day in a way which makes the originals look silly. Also sorry to see changes like some villains from the cartoon now being fictional, (well, of course they are anyway but I mean in the context of this story)!! and so is the original Big D, to be replaced by Deva – a character I wouldn,t even want in the same panel as the original ‘Imps! I get the impression she’s the sort who would put them down and look down on their fans while smugly gloating that she’s associated with them………!!!!! And here “Timeatron” is not an interesting villain, but the news agency this new Impossibles member works for. I can see this and the inclusion of other characters as “fictional” is meant as an affectionate link to the cartoon, but it just comes across as dismissive to me. I was also exasperated that, on the 2 cover versions for FQ1which featured the Impossibles, there was no indication of my fave member Multi Man’s powers – he just seemed to be there to drive this needless new member, (who takes up a disproportioate amout of room on the standard cover for FQ5)! around, and he looked to be “bulked up” – yet the fact that the ‘Imps all have different looks and body types but are all considered heart-throbs is a great example of the diversity this comic is meant to be showcasing! Like – have to have a female in the Impossibles to be PC – but won’t have a skinny male super hero? However, that seems to have been addressed in the FQ5 interior art. In teams such as the Legion of Super Heroes and the Green Lantern Corps, adding new members, (and occasionally one leaving), from time to time works well, and I’d certainly question it if large teams like that had members of only one sex – but the Impossibles is a totally different type. Seeing the picture on the Ipod or whatever in FQ4, it seems like the new ‘Imps member is a drummer – but she isn’t needed for that, as one of the originals could get behind the drumkit – plenty of real-life musicians play more than one instrument, and it would still leave 2 on guitar – and, as this is set in the present day, technology which reproduces percussion sounds is readily available. Also – one of those smitten fangirls, (and I’d LOVE to see the boys, especially Multi, thoroughly enjoying the attention – there’s room for that, too, and nothing to stop any of them also being strong females just because they are not Deva clones!

  3. I’m sad that people are using the “diversity pandering” card. Specially in MS where I expect more intelligent comments.
    Anyway, I’m not sure about they kinda making fun of the cartoon show, but in the end guys, we DO have The Impossibles back! I really like theit designs and the origin story is kinda silly but I’m ok with that. I like the inclussion of a new member as it brings some possibility for character development. I feel she should be called Cobalt-Woman just for consistency but her origin story justifies the difference in the naming.
    Overall, as Matthew said, not the best book in the series so far, but a well above average book regardless.

  4. susan gallagher on

    I really do think there an over-done feminist’PC agenda here. The fact that Mr. Phibes and I are not giving a glowing thumbs-up to it does not make our comments less intelligent – or make us prejudiced in any way! While the new Impossibles member is O.K. as a character in herself – I really think she is there just to be P.C. and spoils the Impossibles line-up. I’m female – but her addition actually makes me feel EXcluded as it’s really put me off this comic! Wouldn’t mind if she was there as another agent who helped them out now and again. Not as if there is not a good number of female characters in the comic, anyway. And, as I said, I don’t like Deva at all – having her replace the original Big D makes it even less appealing to me. Multi Man’s new costume looks bland and generic to me while his original one is really distinctive and adds to his very appealing look. In January, released on the same day as FQ 9, there is a Scooby-Doo team-up comic featuring the Impossibles, (along with Franky Jr.), in their original form – now that I’m going for!

    • From my point of view, it’s less a feminist agenda than the fact that there are like TWO female characters in all the H-B action properties.

      In the year 2016, that is frankly unacceptable.

      • susan gallagher on

        As far as I’m concerned, changing established series to fulfil a quota in this way is off-putting as far as I’m concerned. Have to admit I’d have preferred the Impossibles were left out altogether.

  5. susan gallagher on

    Sorry for repeating “As far as I’m concerned” ! But, really, I think changing the Impossibles in this way is needless and in no way and improvement to them, (they are perfect with their original line-up, etc), the opposite, in fact.

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